PDEV.ME – Domain

The domain “pdev.me” is owned by Passlick Development™ and used for (temporary) emails and link shortening.


Websites shortened by a “pdev.me” domain are safe to use and usually within the Passlick Development™ Network. They are mostly used on social media to link to blog posts. You can add a “+” at the end of each shortlink to show additional information and stats.

Example: pdev.me/info (Links to this page)


TempMail Service BETA


You can use this domain to access a temporary mail inbox. Visit https://temp.pdev.me/hello and use the mail adress [email protected] (you can replace hello with all sorts of words).

Example: https://temp.pdev.me/hello to access [email protected]


Please note: Each inbox is public and can be accessed by anyone, so please avoid sending personal information to that inbox.


This feature is experimental. The inbox of each TempMail is emptied regularly. Passlick Development takes no responsibility of any kind for the temporary email inboxes.